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Blowfish Shortcodes Icon
Hoof & Paw
The ART in Heart
Hoof & Paw
Crystalini Partum a Canis Stercore
blowfish shortcodes - This article is part of a series.
🐡 Shortcodes
icon outputs a scaled SVG icon

icon takes the icon name as its only parameter. The icon is scaled to match the current text size.


{{< icon "github" >}}


Icons are populated using Hugo pipelines which makes them very flexible. Blowfish includes a number of built-in icons for social, links and other purposes.

Check the icon samples page for a full list of supported icons.

Custom icons can be added by providing your own svg icon assets in the assets/icons/ directory of your project.

The icon can then be referenced in the shortcode by using the SVG filename without the .svg extension.

Icons can also be used in partials by calling the icon partial.

blowfish shortcodes - This article is part of a series.